Glow in The Dark Unique Ceramic Wall Art Hanging Plate Tree of Life Changing Heart Turkish Handmade Painted Ceramic Plate Best Gift New Home

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The Tree of Life pattern is a motif that symbolizes life. The tree has been used as a symbol of expressions such as fertility, health and vitality in many arts. It also expresses the joy of life starting from the roots to the branches. We brought together the tree of life and ceramic.
The Tree of Life Pattern Plate, completely handcrafted, was produced using traditional Turkish Tile motifs. It is made using a special technique. This hand-painted plate gives a luminous light at night and glows at night. It does not lose its pattern even at night. This unique dish was made using the phosphorescent technique. Our decorative plates are high quality, the drawing and painting of the patterns is completely orginal. It proves that you have refined taste.