8x Ceramic Serving Bowls Tray Platter Set| Breakfast Dinnerware Snack Chip Dip Tapas Sauce Appetizer Service Pottery | Decorative Gift


Our handmade and handpainted Ceramic Serving Bowls & Tray Set of 8, Snack, Chip Dip, Tapas, Sauce, Appetizer Service Set is unique and made by Heart of Anatolia.
The set breaks into 6 smal bowls, 1 medium bowl and sit on one big tray underneath.
Our ceramic serving tray is perfect to use when servings dinners & breakfast to large groups, at parties, for happy hour, or at a wedding.
It makes for a unique and eye-catching way to serve appetizers, chips and dip, condiments, nuts, snack, tapas, mezes, sauces or any food you feel like putting in them. It can even be used as a jewelry holder! Endless possibilities!