12″ Large Ceramic Wall Clock | Turkish Ceramic Modern Wall Clock | Handmade Kitchen Wall Clock | Home Office Ceramic Decor Gift

Orijinal fiyat: 90,00$.Şu andaki fiyat: 63,00$.

Turkish Ceramic Modern Hanging Blue Wall Clock & Gift Box was made in our own workshop. The design of the ceramic clock belongs to us and is unique. Our decorative clocks are high quality, the drawing and painting of the patterns in our plates is completely orginal.
They will also love our ceramic hand painted clock as a new home gift, housewarming, ceramic lovers-collector. Turkish wall art clock plates will make a great addition to any room or office. Custom handmade clock will be a great home decor . If you can use it hanging on the wall, you can use it as a plate, in your home or office. Vintage clock will be an unforgettable gift.